Yuriy Radko

I am a computer programmer. More precisely, I am a software engineer. I was taught to understand the details of any software system. Today programming is my hobby. Therefore, if I like your idea, I can do the work for you: create a program or website, or fix a program – for 50% of your price.

Link to my Linkedin profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuriy-radko-16a65a44/

I can develop new programs, I can fix other people’s software, I can test programs and find bugs.

This site describes the plugins I developed for WordPress. YR plugins for WordPress Buddypress BBpress.

  1. Share It for All Users on BuddyPress YR – this plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. The name of the plugin was changed in March 2022. The first plugin name is Buddy Share It Allusers FB YR .

Plugin can operate without Buddypress – Plugin working only with WordPress also. Works with WordPress -OR- BuddyPress sites.

You can insert any buttons in WordPress posts, pages, in Buddypress Activity, in Buddypress Groups, in Forums.

The plugin can insert social networking buttons (SHARE buttons and/or LIKE button) to share WordPress blog posts or Buddypress activity, can insert any other buttons, images and links. Adds a share buttons for social network: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. You can easily insert any custom button with any URL link.

The plugin gives the administrator a great field of creativity for its buttons.

The set of buttons is not limited by the initial set of buttons, which is in the plugin table. The initial set of buttons is as follows: Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share, Digg, WhatsApp Button, Viber Share, Join Viber Community, Viber Group Button, Telegram share, Vkontakte, Google search for article title, or search only on the site, Bing search, Yahoo search, Ask search, Duckduckgo search.

Can be used custom icons, images, styles.

The plugin has a lot of commands.

A detailed description of the plugin commands can be found on this site.

Instructions for setting plugin commands are also in the plugin description in the WordPress repository, as well as in the plugin itself.

Repository  WordPress.org – download Current version of the plugin «Buddy Share It Allusers YR» from WordPress Repository. Also you can use: FAQ, Screenshots, Readme, Installation, Changelog, Stats, Support, Reviews

DOWNLOAD Buddy Share It Allusers YR Plugin ver.3.4.2 (last version) from this site.

I will be glad if the plugin is useful to someone.

Below you can see an example of buttons from the plugin “Share It for All Users on BuddyPress YR” (Buddy Share It Allusers FB YR) .